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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson


I just finished reading Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson. I really enjoyed the way this book flowed, however, I think that the heroine Leigh could have figured out her feelings a little bit more quickly than she did.

Quick Summary: Leigh is a girl who goes to Stiles college and is in love with her high school sweetheart of one year, Andrew. She is a psychology major who rooms with Ami an art major who seems to understand many things despite not knowing how to write an analytical essay. The relationship between Andrew and Leigh evolves through this novel, and not in the 'they fell even more in love way', rather the opposite actually. After Leigh's car is towed and she has no way to get home for Thanksgiving, Nathan, Andrews room mate, comes to the rescue, and drives her seven hours to her house.

This book is very similar to Back When You Were Easier To Love.  The plot is very similar and the main characters are sort of in the same position, however it is interesting to see how the two different authors handle the situation. The subtleties of the differences in the characters personalities is what made all of the difference. Leigh is so different from Joy in the way that Leigh is a psychology major and she has this weird problem with procrastination. Not unlike myself actually, however my friends usually call me the MVP (most valuable procrastinator). Joy on the other hand, is very organized and is mormon, which isn't that big a deal, and certainly adds to the cuteness factor and charm, however also reduces the amount of physical interactions where as in Psych Major Syndrome, there is quite a few scenes involving talking of sex, and mentoring teenage girls on teenage pregnancy. Overall, it was very charming and funny.  The supporting characters where very amusing too. Ami, Leigh's best friend and room mate is an artist and understands Leigh very well, she is also very opinionated on the subject of Andrew, Leigh's boyfriend. There is also Rebekah, a teenage girl whom Leigh confides in who is very cynical, and is very straight to the point.

I give this book an overall rating of three and a half stars. I think it is a very charming book with interesting character, however, I was also left wondering about a lot of things, that just seemed kind of random, like whatever happened to the twenty page paper that she wrote in Nathan's room? Or what was with Jenny, and what was going on between Sydney and Leigh? But, I still liked it and I really like Nathan, one of the sweetest guys in books, and I think that it was a crucial conversation between Leigh and Andrew, when he unknowingly tells her things about Nathan that she never knew.

Favorite Quote: "Two strangers- please tell me there was only two- mating like rabbits through the wall may have been a part of it."

Miss Reader

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